2753-5679 sqft

3/4 bhk apartment and villa

34 Acres

apartment - 2.5 cr*
villa - 6.5 cr*

Under Construction


Exclusive Limited Period Offers: (3 offers to choose from):


Make The Smart Move Payment Plan: We will sell your current home so that you can buy a Total Environment Home.

5:95 subventions: Pay 5% now, nothing more till possession

40 – 60 Possession Linked Plan: Pay 40% within 4 months of booking, rest 60% on Handover


Complimentary Maintenance for 3 years for all plans


Villa Offer


Property Type


Reference Saleable Area

Built-up Area


Apartment 3 BHK (C20) 2202 sq.ft. 2202 sq.ft. 2.50 Cr
Apartment 3 BHK (L30) 3280 sq.ft. 3280 sq.ft. 3.90 Cr
Apartment 4 BHK (L45) 4543 sq.ft. 4543 sq.ft. 5.40 Cr
Villa 4 BHK Villa (V50) 5120 sq.ft. 5120 sq.ft. 6.50 Cr

The Total Environment experience of tasteful sophistication starts even before you reach the gates of the property. As you approach Windmills of your mind clubhouse to meet us, a tree-lined road, and greenery everywhere, welcomes you.

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We have tried to perfect our homes over time to provide a sense of warmth, privacy, openness and tranquility in an increasingly stressful world. Almost every space opens out onto a landscaped garden, complete with a sprinkler system and drip irrigation system, and large glass panels bring in natural light into the home. Our commitment to quality extends well beyond the customization and delivery of your home. We assume responsibility for property maintenance which includes a comprehensive slew of services that ensure competent and timely care of your home.

Customization -- We believe that we are perhaps the only firm in the country that allows home owners to customise every little detail of their homes.

Materials and Finishes -- Our use of natural construction materials like wire-cut bricks and exposed form finished concrete, we believe, has added a new dimension to building aesthetics.

Quality -- It's not just in the sourcing of the best; it's also in how we labour over all aspects of our work - from design to workmanship - that sets us apart.

eBuild -- Our online proprietary tool helps you customise almost every aspect of your home. You can choose from a wide range of space layout options, styles, colours and themes.

Technology -- From the quality of finish to our RCC work, to the state-of-the-art home automation systems that make interaction with your home seamless and a pleasurable experience.

Transparency & Ethics -- Our ability to keep things simple, transparent and above board has helped build the trust our customers place in us.


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